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F. Dan Rinehart, RCE
Registration:  California   RCE 28204
                    Colorado     PE 16353
                                       LS 16353
REGISTRATION: Dan is a Registered Professional Engineer in Civil Engineering in the State of California authorized to practice Civil Engineering and Land Surveying by the State of California Board of Registration for Engineers and Land Surveyors; and a Registered Engineer and Land Surveyor in the State of Colorado.  

EDUCATION:  Dan earned a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering at the University of Oklahoma in 1973 and a Master of Science in Civil Engineering at the University of Wyoming in 1975.  Graduate work was in general civil engineering.  Post graduate work was the study of water and waste water, analysis and design.  

EXPERIENCE:  Dan has a extensive and varied experience since he has been working as a Registered Engineer and Land Surveyor since 1977 in both California and Colorado.  

Site Design: Design of a wide variety of projects from Custom Homes to Commercial projects starting with the initial topographic survey, preliminary maps and plats for planning and discretionary permits to the final construction plans & documents.  

Environmental Engineering: Water and Wastewater: Studies to determine the impact of  the quality and quantity of water sources; formulation of the best solutions to mitigate those impacts; and design and implementation of the best solution.  

Structural: experience in structural design of site improvements including retaining walls and slabs; and the design of stand-alone steel structures including water tanks and long span steel trusses.

Land Surveying: Land Surveying experience includes a broad range of projects from boundary surveys, subdivisions and topographic surveys to surface and underground mining surveys.